10 Things to do in Bangkok

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10. The Jim Thompson House
Cr. http://www.thaizeit.de/thailand-themen/news/artikel/schatzkammer-voller-kostbarkeiten-das-jim-thompson-haus-1.html

(6 Soi Kasemsan 2, Rama 1 Rd; 02-216-7368; www.jimthompsonhouse.com)

The Jim Thompson House is the home of an American entrepreneur who opened the silk business after World War II. Now it houses a museum and his legacy as the “Father if Thai silk”
9. The Grand Palace
Cr. http://holidaysgenius.com/top-5-places-to-visit-in-bangkok/

(Na Phra Lan Rd, Phra Nakhon, Bangkok; 02-653-5500;www.palace.thai.net)

The Grand Palace (Wat Phra Kaew) is considered one of the most significant attractions, probably the most important temple, in Thailand.
8. Get Trendy in Thonglor
Cr. http://www.10best.com/destinations/thailand/bangkok/thonglor/nightlife/desi-beats/

(Sukhumvit Soi 55, BTS Thonglor)

Thonglor has become veritable true-blue entertainment hub with restaurants, stores, bar, and clubs: the place to be and be seen.
7. Chatuchak Marke
Cr. http://www.bangkok.com/chatuchak/

(Thanon Phahonyothins, BTS Morchit or MRT Kamphaengpecth)

Billed as one of the world’s largest weekend markets, awesome Chatuchak covers and area of 27 acres and is divided into 27 sections. It contains more than 15,000 booths selling goods from all over Thailand.
6. The Peninsula Bangkok Klong Tours
Cr. http://mariage-maroc.overblog.com/tag/voyage/

(333 Charoennakorn Rd; 02-861-2888; www.peninsula.com/Bangkok/en)

Tour along the Chao Phraya River for two hours on a long-tail boat, cruising the klongs (small canals) to see the Thai lifestyle.
5. Temple of the Reclining Buddha (Wat Pho)
Cr. http://www.bkktaxilimousine.com/

(2 Sanamchai Road, Grand Palace Subdistrict; 02-226-0335; www.watpho.com)

Wat Pho, one of the largest and oldest temples in Bangkok, is famous for its reclining Buddha image. It is also the birthplace of the modern Thai massage schools.
4. Shopping at Asiatique the Riverfront
Cr. http://www.prachachat.net/news_detail.php?newsid=1345546551

(2194 Charoenkrung Rd., Wat Prayakrai, Bangkoleam; 02-108-4488; www.thaiasiatique.com)

Asiatique the Riverfront, accessible via Saphan Taksin pier, has become a trendy place to shop for Thai handicrafts, fashion accessories, furniture, etc., and enjoy a thriving bar, restaurant, and entertainment scene.
3. Chao Phraya River Tour
Cr. http://www.xn--72cc9aua5a2acdcn0hcd3c3aez8c2kgd4oobye.com/images/content/original-1435169027999.jpg

(78/24-29 Maharaj Rd, Maharaj Pier;02-623-6001-3;www.chaophrayaexpressboat.com)

If you haven’t seen the Chao Phraya River, you haven’t seen Bangkok. A boat tour along it is an enjoyable experience any time of day, especially at sunset.
2. Temple of Dawn (Wat Arun)
Cr. http://seeitlivethailand.com/blog/9-temples-bangkok?lang=EN

(158 Wang Doem Road take the boat to Pier Tha Tien and then take the ferry to cross the river; 02-891-2978; www.watarun.org)

Wat Arun, voted as the most popular sight for photography in Bangkok, is probably the most photographed attraction in the capital.
1. Escape Hunt
Cr. http://paris.escapehunt.com/wp-content/uploads/sites/106/2015/12/Coffret-cadeau-2-1170x722.jpg

(399 Sukhumvit Road, Interchange (Citibank) Tower, Unit C, B2 Level; 02-611-2828; www.escapehunt.com)

Wanna play Sherlock? Escape Hunt takes you back 100 years in time to play the part of the famous London detective who has to solve mysteries set in Bangkok.

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