10 Proven Ways To Make A Woman Smile

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We live in a fast-paced world that relies on 140-character-long tweets, Facebook posts and rapid text messages to keep our careers and daily lives chugging forward. Sometimes it's important to slow down, take a breath and realize what is actually going on around us. Especially when it comes to relationships, we can lose sight of our love in the day-to-day madness of our career-driven lives. We think that simple gestures can go a long way and build better couples. Keeping in communication and having fun with your partner is No. 1. Remember, you should be friends and lovers. That's kind of what makes a relationship so amazing. Here are a few simple, quick things you can do to let your girlfriend know you keep her at the top of your list.
10. Record A Voice Memo For Her
Everyone likes to know they are loved and appreciated by those close to them. Take the time to record a secret note in your girlfriend’s phone telling her how much she means to you. She will find it on her own time, maybe a long time down the road, but it will be a really sweet surprise.
9. Email Her Funny FAILs
Sometimes seeing someone else totally mess up the simple act of being a human is enough to make your day. Scroll through the FAIL Blog and find something that makes you laugh. Send them her way.
8. Remind Her She's Awesome At What She Does
Fact: Everyone has bad days at work. Whether it's her just being paranoid over the quality of a project or she really does have a client that's mad with her, your partner's anxiety over her performance can be alleviated with little-to-no effort from the man she trusts the most. So send her a text, a meme or anything else to remind her she has the skills and talent to be where she is.
7. Cute Animal YouTube Videos
Who doesn’t like to watch adorable baby penguins waddle around? Sociopaths. Everyone loves cute animal videos. It’s a guaranteed pick-her-up. We recommend this site.
6. Send A Cab To Pick Her Up
At the end of a long, annoying day at work or running around to meetings all over the city, the last thing most of us want to do is think about getting on a cramped subway to ride public transit all the way home. Our feet are sore and our minds are angry. Make us happy and send a cab to pick us up. We will be floored by your gesture.
5. Emoji Texts
I know it can be corny, but getting creative with Emojis is hilarious, child-like fun. Yes, there are the classics already embedded into the system, but get creative and make a huge picture. That’s what iPhones are for. Go dirty even. We love that goofy stuff.
4. Get A Whole Season Of A TV Show She Can Binge Watch
When we get the flu or we have a hangover that is completely kicking out butts, we want nothing more than to veg out in front of the television and let our brains cozy up in the comforting pillow of the screen. We suggest downloading an entire season of a show she can indulge in start to finish without having the wait for the pesky download time. This is the ultimate pleasant surprise on those low days.
3. Write Secret Notes In Her Phone
Let’s get one thing straight: It is not cool to go into someone's phone without permission, but in this case we can make an exception. Take your girlfriend’s phone and pen something in her notes letting her know what a wonderful lady she is. Inside jokes are also totally great. Then, set an alarm with a headline that lets her know to check her notes. It’s guaranteed to make her smile.
2. Send Her An Ecard Based On Her Mood
someecards is our favorite site for finding the right slogan to boost your girlfriend’s boring work day. We are so used to our inboxes being flooded with boring business stuff that even something totally ridiculous is a breath of fresh air in the mail folder.
1. Brag About Her On Social Media
We know that most of the time your Twitter and Instagram are for posting 140-character rants about an article that irked you or a picture of your best friend falling in public, but every now and then doing an unexpected shout out to your loved one will make her really happy. No matter if the sentiment is romantic or silly, just letting her know you are thinking about her when she isn’t around will go a long way.

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