10 Best Burgers In America

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We're not going to lie: It wasn't easy coming up with this list. There are a lot of good burgers in America. But we were looking for more than just patties that have won renown in their hometowns. The following 10 burgers have all come to represent new heights in the post-2000s gourmet-burger game. They may not be the only joints in the country making, say, a high-end hunk of ground beef that retails for the price of a steak, but they stand as the best figureheads for all those that are.
10. The Luther at Crave
Rumored to be named after Luther Vandross, the Luther is for those of us who have never quite stopped being children and still believe dessert should come first. At Crave in Castle Rock, Colorado, the burger is sandwiched between a glazed doughnut, instead of a bun.
9. Burger at Spotted Pig
If there is such a thing as beauty in simplicity, then the chef April Bloomfield's signature burger at her flagship New York gastropub, The Spotted Pig, can only be described as a beautiful thing. It's big, it's juicy, and it just works. Though it's not all staid and classical, the Spotted Pig burger does have a few unique features that help give it game, including a uniquely grilled and beautifully caramelized brioche bun as well as a distinctive blue cheese spread that offers the perfect tangy counter note to the indulgent richness of the meat and the sweetness of the bun. The burger also comes with some of the best fries on earth, which on their own are worth traveling great distances for
8. Dead Texan at Swagger
When it comes to the perfect guy's comfort-food sandwich, many would argue that it's a toss-up between the classic grilled cheese sandwich and the all-American burger. Well, that's not the case at Swagger Fine Foods and Spirits in Kansas City, where they have settled the debate once and for all with their signature Dead Texan burger, an all-dressed beef patty served between not one but two Texas toast grilled cheese sandwiches.
7. Black Label Burger at Minetta Tavern
When famed restaurateur Keith McNally bought the Minetta Tavern with the goal of perfectly restoring it to its original 1927 luster, a gourmet bistro burger was definitely part of the recipe. But what Chef Bill Brasile ended up with exceeded everyone's wildest expectations and, in a few short years, has shot to the top of many foodie lists as the very best burger in New York City. By its appearance, you might not think than a rather typical looking medium-rare beef burger with a simple onion confit could pack an award-winning punch, but after one bite, you realize that, like you were taught as a young lad, appearances can be deceiving. Though the Black Label Burger is prepared in a traditional manner using choice but un-extravagant cuts of beef and pork, there is an unexplained culinary alchemy at play that elevates the signature Minetta Tavern Black Label Burger to true greatness.
6. Ramen Burger at Mitsuwa
In the latest iteration of the everyday food item turned gourmet burger ingredient, chefs Joe Yang, Bryan Jue and Jae Hahn of the Mitsuwa Marketplace in L.A. recently added a ramen burger to their menu. Playing with the famed Asian noodle responsible for helping millions of impoverished students feed themselves through college, the ramen burger is as rich in umami and flavor as it is in creativity and irreverence.
5. The Steak Tartare Burger at Flip Burger Boutique
Who said a burger has to be rich and heavy? Why not bright and light? Well, if someone did, the folks at Flip Burger in Atlanta weren't listening when they crafted the Steak Tartare Burger, which features raw meat and a creamy egg yolk that swims right in the middle of the crisp vegetable toppings. In a world of climbing cholesterol counts and expanding waistlines, a burger with freshness and restraint deserves recognition. (Well, for that, and also for being absolutely delicious!)
4. Earth Burger at Umami Burger
Since opening his first location of Umami Burger in 2009 with goal of serving highly flavored burgers, Adam Fleischman has been hard at work reimagining the American burger and looking for new ways to improve and enhance flavor wherever possible, and in that mission, his vegetarian Earth Burger may just be his crowning achievement. Brimming with flavor and, well, umami, the Earth burger ain't your run-of-the-mill portobello patty. The Earth Burger is as juicy and tender as an all-American beef burger and, thanks to some red beet coloring, it even looks the part.
3. Joe Gizzard Burger at Joe's Gizzard
In his quest to satisfy America's passion for all things fried, chef-owner Joe Bristol asked why fried carbs play second fiddle to the grilled main event -- why not combine them? And so he did. Meet the Joe's Gizzard burger (later renamed the "Triple 'D' Burger" since appearing on Food Network’s Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives) an all-American one-third-of-a-pound beef burger with pickles, onions and a slice of tomato that's deep fried whole in Joe's famous batter mix.
2. DB Burger at Daniel Boulud
Well before the burger-reinvention craze began, Daniel Boulud was inspired to create the world's most indulgent and expensive burger ever. Whether he succeeded on the first count is a matter of personal opinion, but if you'd like to dig into the Guinness Book of World Records for the original most expensive burger, then head to Bistro Moderne in Manhattan for the $120 sirloin burger infused with wine-braised short ribs and black truffle, and served between a Parmesan bun.
1. Le Tub
If you're looking for a fine-dining gourmet-burger experience, or anything remotely resembling it, then steer clear of Le Tub, a semi outdoor Tiki hut on Miami's intercoastal waterway, where the wait time frequently runs longer than 90 minutes. If, on the other hand, you're in vacation mode and willing to sip on a cold one and listen to jukebox classics while you wait for a burger that will remind you of what back yard barbecues used to be like when you were growing up, then you're in luck. The Le Tub burger is a no-frills sirloin burger that sits undecorated between two regular store-bought buns with single slices of lettuce and tomato across the plate -- and that's it. But if you're a perfectly cooked, juicy, rare-in-the-middle-with-a-hardened-and-flavorful-bark-on-the-outside kind of guy, then the Le Tub simple burger is your everything.

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